A beautiful lawn doesn’t just happen, it takes regular care with fertilization and weed control. Fertilizing your lawn helps keep your grass looking vibrant thick and healthy. Applying the correct fertilizer at the correct rate provides the nutrients to strengthen your lawn, So it’s better equipped to handle seasonal temperature extremes, drought, pests, and diseases.

Applying proper weed control products is an essential part of a lawn care program. Controlling weeds helps the grass plant to have less competition for nutrients. Which in turn provides for a healthier thicker lawn.

At TotalScape Lawn Care, we use premium fertilizer and professional weed control products to help keep your lawn healthy and the weeds under control.

Our lawn treatment program provides options for the needs your lawn may have.

dandelionsAfter Weed Control

We Service SE Iowa:

Oskaloosa  •  Leighton  •  Pella  •  New Sharon  •  Sigourney  •  What Cheer
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