Frequently Asked Questions

Will the treatments kill all the weeds?  
Pre emergent applications will never be 100% effective. The pre emergent application creates a barrier that prevents weed seed from growing. Anything that brings soil and weed seed into contact or the barrier is disturbed will allow seed to germinate. Broadleaf weeds can only be controlled when they are actively growing.  Weed seeds germinate at different times of the year that is why more than one treatment is needed. There are also times when hard to control weeds will require repeat applications. 

How does rain affect the treatments? 
Rain is beneficial for pre emergent treatments and grub control treatments. Extremely excessive rainfall can cause breakdown in the product control of the weed seed. But it helps to move the product down to the soil were it is effective. Broadleaf weed treatments that have had several hours to dry on the plant will be effective. 

Do I need a grub treatment?
Most customers do not need a grub treatment. We can do a preventative treatment for grubs.  We also offer a curative treatment for lawns that do have grubs. The best advice would be to contact us if you suspect any insect damage. 

Are treatments safe for pets and people? 
The products we use are applied at the correct label rates and pose no health concerns to people or pets.  We recommend the application be dry before people or pets are allowed on the lawn. 

What type of fertilizer does TotalScape use? 
We use a slow release fertilizer program that allows the plant to use the fertilizer as needed and not absorbed to quickly. Most fertilizer applications last 6 to 8 weeks depending on weather and environmental conditions. 

Why does my lawn have a new problem when it was treated the same way the season before? 
Lawn problems with weeds, insects, and poor color will change from season to season. Many things affect these problems. Temperature changes, amount of rainfall during the growing season, mowing heights. All these factors determine how your lawn 
will look. 

What happens if weather conditions do not permit a 
lawn treatment? 
We will apply the treatment when conditions are good to make the lawn application. If it is not possible for example during an extreme dry period we will credit your account if you have prepaid for that service.

TotalScape saved my grass from extinction! The clover, dandelions and occasional thistle were taking over my lawn and had crowded out most of my grass. 
I called TotalScape and after the first treatment the grass rebounded and with the prescribed maintenance has been thriving ever since!!
Todd Boyse
Residential Customer